Course Banners

What are Banners?

Banners are graphics used at the start of a course, or to indicate which section of a course is being viewed. Banners often include the name of the course or the module. Students are used to seeing banners in online courses, and they can give a course a more polished and cohesive visual design.

The Office of Online Education created this tool for UNLV faculty to quickly create banners they can use in Webcampus without requiring photo editing skills.

screenshot of WebCampus course with a course banner image


Use the text fields below to fill in your course number and course title. Click the Preview Course Banners button to see the changes.

Under the Preview Banners section, you have the option to choose a different background for your banner by clicking the Change Style button.

Preview Banners


Login to your WebCampus course and add the banner, being sure to add alt text as needed.

Follow these instructions on adding the banner to your WebCampus course.

Please Keep in Mind

Accessibility Considerations

As with all visual images added to a course, descriptive alt text will need to be added to images created in Canva. The Office of Accessibility Resources provides training on how to add this text to the images when they’re placed in WebCampus. Visit: The Office of Accessibility Resources

Copryright Considerations

Faculty must ensure that the image(s) they source to use do not violate copyright protections. For more information please visit: UNLV Copyright Information and UNLV Libraries: Copyright and Author Rights.

Additional Resources

There are additional tools you can use online to create custom banners if you want more control over the creative process. We have a guide for using the graphic design platform, Canva, to make banners.